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California Bad Weather Motorcycle Accidents

California Bad Weather Motorcycle Accidents

California is a state well known for its endless highways, motorcycle culture, and sunny weather. However, California’s heat and other weather conditions can greatly affect motorcyclists and cause them to get into accidents. Who’s to blame for these weather related accidents? Below, our experienced team of motorcycle accident injury attorneys from West Coast Trial Lawyers break down weather related motorcycle accidents and liability in these situations.

California Weather Conditions that Can Cause an Accident 

While California is categorized as a sunny state, this isn’t the only weather condition that exists year round throughout the state. California has a very diverse geography and climate, and motorcyclists should be prepared to ride with these different weather conditions in mind. The following are some of the main weather conditions in California that can affect motorcyclists while they’re out on the road:

  • Heat. Heat is one of the largest weather factors that affect motorcyclists, especially in Southern California. With the sun ever present and up to triple digit degrees in the summertime, the heat can greatly impact motorcyclists on the road. This is especially true since motorcyclists are expected to be covered head to toe in their protective gear, which can trap heat if it isn’t designed properly. A motorcyclist under hot weather conditions and the pounding sun can become irritable, dehydrated, and can get a heatstroke/sunstroke from these weather conditions. This can cause them to make rash decisions, lose control of their vehicle, and/or pass out from the heat. For these reasons and all the reasons more, it’s important for motorcyclists to stay hydrated, take breaks from riding in the heat as necessary, and wear protective gear that allows for air circulation and doesn’t trap heat. 
    • Wind. Wind is another large factor that can provoke accidents throughout California, especially in places like Orange county that carry the infamous Santa Ana winds. Windy conditions can cause motorcyclists to be swayed side to side while they ride out on the road. This can cause serious trouble for motorcyclists who can easily be knocked over or pushed into another lane of traffic. Wind can also cause objects on the road, such as trash and tumbleweed, to fly into motorcyclists and can cause an abstraction to their driving and vision. Also, if motorcyclists do not wear the proper eye protection while driving, the wind can cause their eyes to blur and obstruct their vision further. For these reasons, it is advisable for motorcyclists to not drive when there are heavy winds out, and if they do, to wear the proper protective gear to protect them from the heavy winds. 
    • Rain. Rain can cause roads to become slippery, power outages to obstruct traffic signals, and create overall dangerous driving conditions for motorcyclists. The wet pavement can cause motorcycle tires to lose traction and control of the vehicle - this is why having tires with a strong grip is very important. It can become especially dangerous for motorcycles to  hydroplane as they drive through large puddles of water, as they can lose control and damage their vehicle in the process. It is recommended that motorcyclists avoid driving out in the rain and through wet roads, especially puddles. 
    • Icy or Slippery Roads. Similar to rainy conditions, icy or other slippery roads can cause motorcycle tires to lose traction and can cause motorcyclists to lose control of their vehicle. For this reason, it is important that motorcycles are equipped with the proper tires for their environment. Icy roads might require spike-snow tires or those with chains. 
    • Cold Weather. Cold weather could be a serious condition for motorcyclists who live up north or in mountainous or high desert areas. The cold weather can cause motorcyclists to get frost bitten and they can even develop diseases such as pneumonia from the exposure to such cold weather. Riding through cold weather can be a painful experience that can affect a rider’s focus while out on the road. It is important for motorcyclists riding through cold weather conditions to wear protective weather that can keep them warm, such as those made with wool. 
    • Fog can impede the view of all drivers on the road, including motorcyclist. However, because they are a smaller vehicle, motorcyclists have lower visibility to other drivers on the road, especially in the morning and at night. For this reason, it is important that motorcyclists ensure that their lights work properly and that they wear gear that gives them greater visibility on the road. It is recommended that motorcyclists do not drive in foggy weather conditions. 

Liability for Weather Related Accidents

California is a fault state, meaning that even in accidents caused by weather conditions, somebody must be found at fault for the causing of an accident. California is also a comparative liability state, meaning that more than one person can be found liable for causing an accident, and that liability will be determined based on the level of negligence that each person contributed to the causing of an accident. However, if a motorcyclists’ accident was caused solely by weather conditions, the motorcyclist themself can be held liable for any injuries and damages caused for not having taken proper precautions to prevent the accident from happening.

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