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Personal Injury Firm in Los Angeles

Ranked #1

Personal Injury Firm in Los Angeles

Personal Investigations

Obtaining information for personal injury cases is very important, and something we take very seriously
at our firm.

We have talented private investigators that know what it takes to obtain information that other law
firms may overlook. We act promptly to preserve any potential evidence and conduct a thorough
investigation. Obtaining evidence can be a challenging process, but we pride ourselves on obtaining any
and all relevant information if such information exists.

Our private investigators specialize in a wide array of services, such as skip traces, stakeouts,
surveillance, background and asset searches, and service of process. We leave no stones unturned to
uncover credible evidence for a personal injury claim.

1. Skip Trace
Our investigation team is able to perform skip traces to find out a person’s whereabouts, residence, past
occupations, current occupations, and more, by cross-referencing several different resources.

2. Surveillance
We are able to provide surveillance services that can provide evidence that can be used to prosecute
personal injury claims.

3. Asset Search
All asset investigations and background searches are conducted within privacy law restrictions. This
intensive process involves the skillset of a licensed private investigator, which includes information that
can potentially can be subject to levy a judgment.

4. Background Search
Background searches are done to determine whether or not the adverse party has any red flags on his or
her record that can be used against that person during pendency of the personal injury claim.

5. Stakeout and Service of Process
Our private investigators will perform a stakeout of the subject’s location until he or she has been
successfully found and served.

Although investigations can be a challenging part of a personal injury case, credible and timely evidence
is very valuable. We are ready to take on any challenge with the help of our skilled investigations team
that have the resources and experience to uncover this valuable information.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, do not hesitate to contact us any time. Our team
of attorneys and investigators are available 24/7 to assist you with your claim.

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