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Bus Accident Commercial Bus Insurance Claims and Coverage

There are many types of coverage that commercial bus insurance offers. This includes:

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  • Collision coverage. This insurance will help you cover for damages that were done to your vehicle regardless of who was at-fault for causing the accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage. You will get coverage for any losses that were triggered by theft, deliberate destruction, or damage done by an object.
  • Medical payment coverage. This coverage will help pay off yours and your passengers medical bills from the accident. This will also cover:
  • Passengers who do not have health insurance.
  • Injured passengers who have high deductible health insurance.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists. They will pay for your accident expenses if the at-fault driver does not have enough money to pay off your damages.


Here are some examples to give you a better idea on how you could utilize coverages:

  • Collision coverage. You rear-end a car in front of you while you are driving. Your liability insurance will cover damages for that individual’s vehicle. Insurance will also cover damages done to your vehicle since it is an accident that involved two vehicles colliding. However, you would have to pay your $500 deductible out-of-pocket before getting your vehicle replaced or repaired based on the amount of damage done to it.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Your vehicle is outside during a rainy day. As the day proceeds, the rain gets even stronger. You start to notice hail falling down. The hail starts landing all over your vehicle and is creating a few cracks on your windshield. You contact your insurance company and get notified that they will cover for the damages. However, you would first need to pay your $500 insurance deductible.
  • Medical payment coverage. You are a passenger. Your friend is driving you back home after work. Suddenly, your friend’s vehicle gets hit from behind by another vehicle. You suffer neck and back injuries from the hard hit and must go see a doctor to get your pain evaluated. Since you were in another individual’s vehicle during the accident, medical payment coverage will help you cover your medical expenses. This includes your hospital visits and X-rays. There are no deductibles involved in this coverage.
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage. You get into an accident and end up suffering from a neck injury. As you get out of your vehicle and speak to the other driver, you find out that the at-fault driver does not have insurance to cover the damages. Under this type of circumstance, your insurance company may pay off any damages that the driver at-fault was unable to compensate for. This includes medical bills for treatments relating to the injury that was caused by the accident. There are no deductibles involved in this insurance.

Choosing an Insurance Policy

Get an idea on how you will be using the bus. Will you be transporting the public from one place to another? Or will you be taking students to school? Once you determine your occupation, you need to use an insurance policy that will be most suitable to the option you select.

For example, if you plan on taking students to school, you would need to get a policy that will financially help you in the event of an accident. This could help you with circumstances that relate to a driver being accused of abusing or performing sexual activities on the children in the bus. An umbrella policy may also be beneficial when it comes to increasing your liability coverage limits. This will protect your business from liability claims that end up as a lawsuit.


The costs for commercial bus insurance varies depending on:

  • The number of buses you have,
  • The utilization of the buses, and
  • How far the bus drivers will be driving the bus.

Additional other factors to think about are:

  • Choosing between a single bus or fleet.
  • The number of seats in each of the buses.
  • The driving record and years of experience your bus driver has.
  • The number of miles you predict your bus driver driving the vehicle within a year’s time-span.

Available Damages

Accidents happen. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Below is a brief explanation of damages. Damages are a type of monetary award that is determined by a court of law to help compensate an aggrieved individual for any losses or injuries sustained as a result of someone’s negligence.

Economic Damages
Economic damages are intended to compensate a plaintiff for losses that a dollar amount can readily be attached to. Economic damages are calculated by determining the amount of out-of-pocket losses an aggrieved individual has or will expect to incur as a result of their injuries.
A few examples of economic losses include:

  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages

Non-Economic Damages
Non-economic damages are essentially intended to cover losses that are thought of as subjective and will not necessarily cover out-of-pocket losses. Non-economic damages may include compensation for:

  • Emotional Distress
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Punitive Damages
The third type of damages a California court may award are known as punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended as punishment and are only awarded when a defendant’s behavior is especially harmful. Punitive damages are relatively rare and in fact were only incorporated in 5 percent of all verdicts.

Furthermore, there is no real set standard for calculating and awarding punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded at the court’s discretion and will vary depending on the specific circumstances of a case.

Limitations for Damages in California 
For the most part, there is no real cap on compensatory damages following a personal injury claim. This means that courts are able to award any amount they feel is appropriate and reasonable.

However, the only exception is regarding medical malpractice cases. In these cases, the limit for pain and suffering and other non-economic losses is $250,000.

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