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How Car Accidents Can Result in Traumatic Brain Injuries

A car accident can cause serious injuries, some which can be apparent immediately, and others not so much. Sometimes, you might get in a car accident and think you feel fine immediately after, only to have medical and health complications down the way. When it comes to traumatic brain injury, these are serious cases that either might be extremely evident or might not be so apparent at all after a car accident. 

However, data from the CDC shows that car accidents are the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries, accounting for half of all causes of these injuries. An average of 50 people living in the United States die every day as a result of traumatic brain injury from a car accident. Seeming that car accidents are the leading cause of brain injuries, if you’re experiencing one after being involved in an accident, the accident is sure to blame. 

Are you looking for answers after experiencing head trauma during a car accident? Look no further - the expert team of car accident and brain injury attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers are here to help answer all of your questions. Let’s explore some of the most prominent ones surrounding your case. 

What Causes Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Accident?

There are many different reasons someone can develop a brain injury as a result of a car accident. And, the cause can determine the severity of the injury. Here are the common causes of traumatic brain injury from a car accident: 

  • Blunt trauma to the head, which can occur if the head hits an object in the vehicle or an object hits the head of the individual. This blunt trauma may cause an injury evident with a bloodied wound, or it might not be externally evident at all, even if their are internal skull fractures injuring the brain. 
  • Eejection from the vehicle, which can send a passenger flying through the windshield if they’re not wearing properly wearing a seatbelt. This is an intense form of trauma that can cause multiple injuries, which may or may not become externally evident, as expressed above. 
  • Whiplash, which is more of a neck injury that happens from the sudden jolt of the accident, but can affect the brain when the body is violently whipped back and forth in the motion. When this occurs, the brain swiftly whips across the inside of the skull, which can cause bruising and bloodclots to the brain. 
  • Open head injuries, which determining on the severity of the head wound opening, can impact the brain. This can be especially dangerous if there are broken shards of glass in the open head wound. 

These are just some of the common ways that traumatic brain injury and head injury can result from car accident. 

Why It’s Important to Get Medical Attention as Soon as Possible After a Car Accident 

After a car accident, your might think you’re feeling okay, however, as mentioned earlier, sometimes the injury to your head isn’t visible at the scene of the accident. This is why it’s important to always request an ambulance after a car accident to take you to the hospital or to get yourself to emergency medical services as soon as possible. 

It’s important to have your entire body be medically examined after an accident to prevent further complications down the road. Describe what happened to your body in the accident, what particular parts of your body where faced with blunt force or trauma. Request that the medical provider conduct full body and brain scans to take a look at any internal injuries that might have resulted from the accident. 

If you have a traumatic brain injury, there is no time to waste. The longer that you let the injury persist and worsen over time, the more serve consequences that can become of the brain injury. 

Common Side Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

After a car accident, a victim of a truamatic brain injury could show symptoms that could call attention for the critical care that they need. Common side effects of traumatic brian injury after a car accident inlclude the following: 

  • Irritiblity 
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Exhaustion
  • Slurred speech 
  • Disorientation 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Headaches and migraines

If you experience any of these symptoms after a car accident, it’s important to let other people and medical professionals know about them. Alerting them can get you the critical care that you need to ensure that they injuries don’t worsen with time. 

A traumatic brain injury can have life-altering, long-terms affects on a victim if they are not treated in due time. Some common long-term affects for people with traumatic brain injury after a car accident include: 

  • Interference with cognitive and motorskills 
  • Loss of regular brain function
  • Loss of the ability to work
  • Siezures

Living with a traumatic brain injury can be extremely difficult. That’s why the best approach to one is to get the medical attention that you need as soon as possible. You should also work quickly to take the appropriate steps to file a successful personal injury claim to recover compensation from the insurance companies to cover all the damages and medical bills associated with your traumatic brain injury. 

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