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The 4 Best Bike Paths In Los Angeles

California is home to some of the most beautiful bike paths and trails in the nation. However, it has also been considered one of the most dangerous states for bikers. Regardless of the perfect weather, open roads, and unparalleled scenery, sixty-two cyclists died on Southern California streets. Twenty-six of these deaths were in Los Angeles. 

Despite powerful efforts made by non-profit organizations such as Vision Zero, California still averages about 113 cyclist deaths per year, which is significantly over the national average, especially in states like Delaware, which averages about 2 deaths a year.

Though Los Angeles has made a slight effort towards increasing bike safety by improving streets and bike lanes, it is still stressful to constantly check for passing traffic. Nor do these efforts account for human error. Bike accidents in Los Angeles occur way too often. Consulting with a personal injury attorney at West Coast Trial Lawyers is always recommended before talking to your insurance company. The bicycle accident attorneys are always here to answer any questions you may have about bicycle accident claims and available damages.

Pasadena Bike Injury Attorney 

Pasadena has over 68 bike trails that run about 437 miles.

Irvine Bike Injury Lawyer 

Irvine offers 300 miles of on-road cycling trails.

Griffith Park 

One of the most well-known bike paths in Los Angeles is Griffith Park. Famous for its diverse terrain, these pathways offer several types of land to satisfy various riding styles. For example, for a tranquil cruise around the park, the Crystal Springs Drive and Zoo provides an easy space for relaxed riding. 

As one of the largest municipal parks, the 4,210 acres also extend to hillier areas where you can ride with a little more resistance. Mount Hollywood is known for giving riders a rigorous workout. Traffic is rarely reported as an issue, and the Griffith Park Observatory provides an interesting view for when you need a break from big city living. 

Elysian Park

Not as well known as some of the other parks, Elysian Park is a short 10-minute ride from Los Angeles. Due to its mysterious disposition, the park is rarely full. If you’re looking for a spot with a little more privacy, you may want to discover this hidden gem in the heart of downtown. 

As L.A’s oldest park, the area has recently been revamped so be prepared to ride on smooth pavement. Small hills weave throughout the park, making it more of an athletic experience as you travel all the way up to the infamous Hollywood Sign. 

The Rose Bowl 

Though not necessarily the most beautiful bike path, the Rose Bowl Loop is certainly one of the most popular. The Rose Bowl Loop is made up of a three-mile loop that surrounds the stadium, parking lot and golf course. The loop is open to both bicyclists and runners and provides an excellent, safe place to exercise. 

With a slight slope, the loop is tapered with bike barriers as an extra precaution for joggers and cyclists. The stadium also offers water fountains and bathrooms for the rider’s convenience.

Cogswell Dam 

The 7.5 mile long pathway is hidden in the San Gabriel Mountains right above Azusa. Despite its sinister namesake, the Devil’s Canyon Dam Truck Trail has been called the most beautiful path in all of Southern California. Adjacent to the rushing creek, this bike path is bathed in dappled sunlight and shaded by massive trees. 

Though some complain about the lack of cell phone service, others enjoy the break from technology. The park is family-friendly with plenty of space for children, as well as picnic tables along the road for short breaks.

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