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How Bike-Sharing Is Safer Than Riding Your Own Bike

Since its Los Angeles conception in 2016, bike-sharing systems have become a widespread trend not only across California, but throughout the nation. Modern technology has allowed companies to produce, track, and charge thousands of bikes on a convenient scale. 

The quest for a healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle has been a focus for many Southern Californians, and has led to the celebrated spread of over 2,000 rentable bikes and over 100 charging stations. However, as the bike-sharing phenomenon grows, the streets have never been more congested. This could be due to the fact that out of Los Angeles’ 28,000 miles barely .6% are built for bikes. 

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Pasadena Bike Injury Attorney 

In a Pasadena study, 64% of riders are monthly passing owners. while 31% are walk-ups and 5% are infrequent users. 

Irvine Bike Injury Lawyer 

Irvine requires all helmets to be approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation or the American National Standards Institute. 

Bike Share Popularity

The development of bike-sharing systems actually began in 1965 when an association of Amsterdam locals started Witte Fiesten, or White Bikes. White Bikes was an extremely popular program that allowed riders to rent painted bikes and leave them in a public place for the next user. Unfortunately, this program was short-lived as many bikes were returned damaged or not at all. 

Los Angeles Metro Bike Share started in 2016 and has now grown to over 1,500 bikes in Downtown Los Angeles alone. According to its website, Los Angeles Metro Bike Share and its partners, Bicycle Transit Systems, are responsible for over 833,900 trips to date. 

Overall, shared bikes and scooters were responsible for over 84 million trips taken in the United States last year. As technology advances and regulations change, bike-sharing systems evolve, as well. Many common grievances amongst bike-sharing programs have been addressed. Awkward, bulky docking services are gone and companies have rolled out over 44,000 dockless pedal bikes, making renting a bike more convenient than ever. 

Bike-Sharing Program Facts

The idea of bike-sharing technically is not new, but modern technology has allowed corporations to perfect the idealist concept of renting and sharing bicycles. Now that science has made this utopian prospect a reality, the popularity of bike-shares has more than doubled since 2018. Listed below are a few facts about the evolution of bike-sharing programs. 

  1. Paris was one of the first countries to employ smart bike technology with its company Velib, which rolled out over 6,000 bikes in 2007 
  2. Metro Bike Share of Los Angeles has sold over 80,000 passes since its conception 
  3. Approximately 2,555,279 Los Angeles miles have been traveled on Metro Bike-Share
  4. Around 65,461,000 calories have been burned using Metro Bike Share
  5. 2,427,500 pounds of CO2 emissions have been reduced due to Metro Bike Share 
  6. New York didn’t start its bike-sharing systems until 2013 with its debut of only 6,000 bikes
  7. In 2014, over 600 cities in 52 countries welcomed the use of advanced bike-sharing programs 
  8. Paris’ Velib service has more than doubled their original bike size, reaching over 18,000 bikes 
  9. In 2016, North America had over 50,000 bike-sharing bikes 
  10. There are about 36 modern bike-sharing companies in the U.S
  11. 9 million dockless bike-sharing rides were taken last year 
  12. Since 2017, approximately 130 North American cities are avid users of bike share systems
  13. China holds the world’s largest bike-sharing program in Wuhan where 90,000 shared bikes exist  

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