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Who Is at Fault In A Los Angeles Bicycle Accident

Things To Look Out For In Bicycle Accident

Bicycle versus car accidents can cause severe repercussions to the bicyclists involved. Considering bicyclists do not have much protection, bicycle accidents can result in critical injuries, including brain injuries, spine injuries, and often times, even death.

People often ask, “How do I determine who is at fault in a bicycle accident?” Ultimately, either motorists or bicyclists can be held liable in a bicycle accident, depending on who failed to follow the rules of the road. Essentially, it all comes down to negligence.

Here are some factors that one should consider to determine who is at fault in a bicycle accident:

Who has the right-of-way: A traffic light will indicate who has the right-of-way. If there is a stop sign, whoever arrived at the stop sign first has the right-of-way. Lastly, if the motorist and bicyclist arrived at the stop sign at the same time, the person on the right has the right-of-way.

Failing to signal: If either the motorist or bicyclist failed to signal, he or she may be held liable in a bicycle accident.

Failing to use the required lighting at night: By law, both motorists and bicyclists must use required lighting while driving or riding at night to avoid an accident.

Bicycle lane: Bike lanes are strictly meant for bicyclists, therefore, vehicles that are driving in or obstructing a bike lane may be held liable.

Overall, there are many safety precautions that both bicyclists and vehicles should practice. It is always best to remain vigilant no matter what; however, if you have been involved in a bicycle accident due to the fault of another, do not hesitate to contact our experience bicycle accident attorneys for a free, no-obligation consultation at (213) 927-3700 or visit our website

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