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Bicycle Safety Checklist

Bicycle accidents are the leading cause of death for children in Los Angeles. According to a study conducted by the LA Vision Zero Project, approximately 200 people a year die from car accidents. Unfortunately, most of these deaths could have been prevented with simple safety precautions, such as wearing a helmet. Listed below is a bicycle safety checklist that everyone should follow. 

Pasadena Bike Injury Attorney 

There was a plan in 1899 to build a bike path from Pasadena to downtown. However, only two miles were successfully built. 

Irvine Bike Injury Lawyer 

After a history of facing cyclist collisions, UCI has prohibited bicycle riding at certain areas during certain times. 

The Bicycle Frame | What to Check For

  • Dents or cracks in the frame 
  • Rust patches that could weaken the frame 
  • Security of the frame (all parts are tightly screwed)
  • Tight seats, handlebars, and front fork 
  • Appropriate seat height 
  • The handlebar is inline with the front wheel 

The Tires and Wheels | What to Check For

  • Fully inflated tires 
  • Tire tread 
  • Visible bulging damage 
  • Free spinning wheels 

Bicycle Brakes | What to Check For

  • Brakes are stopping the spinning wheels without slipping 
  • Test to see that your bike does not move forward while applying the brakes 
  • Brake pads should have 3/16 of an inch of rubber 
  • Hand brakes should have some resistance when squeezed and should not squeeze all the way 

Crank and Chain | What to Check For

  • If the crack is sturdy 
  • Are the pedals sturdy? 
  • If the chain is lubricated 

Adult Gear

  • Helmet 
  • Mini first aid kit 
  • Bell or horn
  • Reflective wheel stripes
  • GPS 
  • Bike mirrors and reflective sticker 
  • Helmet or handlebar headlight 

What Children Should Wear 

  • Childproof helmet 
  • Elbow pads 
  • Knee pads 
  • Bright colors 

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