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Benefits Of Bike Sharing

Los Angeles is home to the 405 Freeway, the busiest interstate of any city in the country. A report from the Daily Breeze concluded that this cluster of roads averages around 379,000 vehicles a day, helping California become the state with the densest traffic in the nation. With so many cars on the road, Californians have picked up on the rapidly growing, worldwide trend of bike-sharing. 

The bike-sharing system works by allowing riders to rent a bike for a short period of time and then leave it behind — usually in a specialized dock — for the next rider to enjoy. These businesses operate using modern technology that integrates with your smartphone, allowing users to find and track the bike. 

Since its introduction in 2016, bike-sharing systems have grown to over 100 stations and 1,400 bikes in downtown Los Angeles alone. The popularity of these systems is undeniable, but with such a speedy growth in recent times, you may be curious as to why that is.

Pasadena Bike Injury Attorney 

Due to high costs, Pasadena reconsiders its bike-sharing policy in 2019.

Irvine Bike Injury Lawyer 

The City of Irvine Bicycle Transportation Plan of 2011 provides an informative guide to the city’s bikeways, but does not guarantee safety.   

Bike Sharing Environmental Benefits 

In China, there are so many bike-sharing vehicles that the surplus ends up in large junk piles known as “bike graveyards”. These bike graveyards are filled with thousands of abandoned or broken bikes, along with the rubble of demolished buildings and empty lots. 

Though the collection of scrap metal can be a terrible eyesore, bike-shares have actually had a positive impact on the environment. A 2016 study proved that carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 25,240 tons and nitrogen oxide discharge by 64 tons in Shanghai. Shanghai also saved over 8,358 tons of petrol in the same year.

Due to fewer cars on the road, Denver’s B-Cycling bike-sharing program suggests that a 4-mile bicycle ride can eliminate 15 pounds of pollutants from the air. A survey in Washington, DC proudly claims that the system replaced 5 million driving miles in 2011. On average, bike share riders drive 523 fewer miles a year, producing less carbon and burning less gas. 

Health Impacts Of Bike Sharing Systems

Unfortunately, Americans are known for their unhealthy lifestyles. However, with the popularity of bike-sharing, many Americans are making positive changes. Riding a bicycle daily will combat obesity, high blood pressure, a risk of stroke, and the chances of getting cancer. 

Due to their health benefits, strong efforts are in place towards making bike-sharing programs available in urban areas to help promote healthier lifestyles. Rochester’s bike-sharing vendor had this to say, “We are proud to support Common Ground Health and the City of Rochester on their path towards building healthier communities.” Pace Market Manager, Aviva Manin, continues with, “It is our shared goal that all Rochester residents and visitors have easy access to our bikes and all the benefits that come with them. From accepting EBT and cash payments to deploying accessible bikes, we will continue our efforts with the City of Rochester and its partners to ensure that all benefit from the transformative power that bikes have.”

Disadvantages Of Bike Share Programs

Although, there are many benefits to bike-sharing, nothing comes without a price. The popular idea of bike-sharing has received harsh criticism. Not only do an abundance of unused or broken bikes become litter, but cities have raised concerns about bikes being left in random or dangerous places. 

Those who take advantage of bike-sharing systems, generally do not wear helmets either because they technically do not own a bike. The same also holds true for inexperienced or first-time bike riders who can seriously hurt themselves on their bikes. 

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