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10 Safety Tips for Bike Riding on the Roadway

10 Safety Tips for Bike Riding on the Roadway

The streets throughout California and the entire country might be dominated by cars, but bikes also have their right to share the road. Riding a bike on the street with other vehicles might seem like a dangerous endeavor because of the overpowering of cars, but riding a bike on the street can be done safely, if the proper procedures and precautions are used. Below, our expert team of bike accident attorneys from West Coast Trial Lawyers break down bike riding safety tips while out on the road. 

  1. Wear protective gear such as a helmet, reflective vest, and elbow pads, for example. While wearing a helmet is not mandatory for adult cyclists, wearing a helmet while on the road is a smart move as it can protect you from head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even save your life in the case of an accident. It is also worth mentioning that in the case that an accident does occur, whether or not you were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident can affect the compensation that you receive from an accident insurance claim. 
  2. Know your hand signals. Since bikes don’t have light signals that indicate when a cyclist is about to stop or make a turn like a car does, it is imperative that all cyclists know the appropriate hand signals that indicate making a stop, right-hand turn, and left-hand turn. The hand signal to make a stop is the left arm extended outward and bent downward at the elbow with the palm traffic behind you. The hand signal to turn right is the left arm bent upwards at the elbow. The hand signal to turn left is the left arm held straight outwards.
  3. Utilize your hand signals, horn, bell, and/or your voice to communicate with others on the road. You should always communicate your next move with others with you in traffic.  Some people drivers might not be able to see you, so making some noise to let your presence and next move be known could be helpful for them. 
  4. Avoid riding on the sidewalk if you can. The sidewalk is intended for pedestrians, not bike riders. While riding a bike on the road might seem scary, it makes the pathways safer for everyone. If you’re not ready to ride on the road in the same lanes as vehicles, try using the bike lane and only use the sidewalk when it’s absolutely necessary. 
  5. Obey the rules of the road. Just because cyclists are not driving a motor vehicle does not mean that they are immune from following the law. Bicyclists must obey traffic signals and signs as well. Failing to do so can cause an accident and/or result in a traffic ticket.
  6. Ride in the direction of traffic, never against it. Some cyclists think that riding against traffic is safer because they can see the vehicles approaching them. However, this is not the case - riding against traffic makes it dangerous for everyone on the road and can result in a head on collision, which is extremely dangerous. 
  7. Don’t pass other cyclists on the right. Cyclists should avoid overtaking and passing each other on the right. If it needs to be done, overtaking and passing should be done on the left hand side, just as is the case with cars. Moreover, it is recommended that cyclists stay in a single file line while on the road to avoid accidents. 
  8. Keep a safe distance from others on the road. This is just the same as driving a vehicle while out on the road. Bicyclists should not tailgate vehicles and should remain about six feet distance from the car in front of them as the car behind the bicyclist should stay the same distance behind them as well. 
  9. Make eye contact with motorists. Making eye contact with vehiclists is a form of communication that assures they acknowledge your existence on the road and right to be there. It also reinforces right-of-way rules. 
  10. Ride with confidence. Riding a bike with confidence is a sure way to keep everyone safe on the road. When vehiclists see bicyclists that are hesitant or swerving on the road, it makes them just as nervous and can cause an accident.

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