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Irvine Sidewalk Bicycle Riding Laws

Unless you have a deep understanding of California law, the California Vehicle Code can be difficult to understand. Most people believe that California prohibits bicycle riding on sidewalks. However, the truth is that California Vehicle Code gives every jurisdiction authority to administer their own rules regarding sidewalk riding. Therefore it is up to each county to decide on speed limits, who has the ‘right-of-way’, and other determining factors that may affect street traffic. If you have any questions regarding bicycle accident law, contact West Coast Trial Lawyers today. 

According to California Vehicle Code 21206, “This chapter does not prevent local authorities, by ordinance, from regulating the registration of bicycles and the parking and operation of bicycles on pedestrian or bicycle facilities, provided such regulation is not in conflict with the provisions of this code.”  Irvine Laws for sidewalk riding

Traffic Laws For Bicyclists 

Typically speaking, a bicyclist has to follow the same rules of the road as motor vehicles. However, Irvine bicyclists are required to follow further rules regarding bike lanes and signaling. Cyclists are also required to wear a helmet that is up to California’s safety standards.