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Glendale Sidewalk Riding Laws

Most people believe that the California Vehicle Code outlaws all bicycle riding on the sidewalk. However, that is a common misconception. In fact, the California Vehicle Code allows every jurisdiction to regulate its own laws regarding bicycle riding on sidewalks. Arguably, the amount of sidewalk accidents is relative to the amount of traffic on the sidewalk, standardized speeds, and pedestrian behavior.

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Glendale Rules for sidewalk bike riding

California Vehicle Code 21206 dictates, “This chapter does not prevent local authorities, by ordinance, from regulating the registration of bicycles and the parking and operation of bicycles on pedestrian or bicycle facilities, provided such regulation is not in conflict with the provisions of this code.” 

According to the City of Glendale’s Municipal Code 10.64.025, bicycles are banned from riding on the sidewalk. The exact code dictates, “No person shall ride or operate a bicycle upon any public sidewalk in any business district within the city except where such sidewalk is officially designed as part of an established bicycle route.” 

Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar with business district boundaries as defined by the vehicle code. These regulations also fail to detail the guidelines for younger riders who may not have the experience or skill to ride on the road or on busy streets. 

How Does Glendale Define A Business District?   

California Vehicle Code Section 240 defines both business and residential districts. CVC Section 240 Section C states, “All churches, apartments, hotels, multipl