What Types of Burn Injuries Can You Experience?

The pain level of a burn injury may vary depending on how powerful the contact of the burn was to the skin. Those who suffer from minor burn injuries may typically recover by using at-home remedies, such as aloe vera or cool compresses. However, others who sustain moderate to severe burn injuries should visit a hospital or make a doctor’s appointment to receive further medical care. 

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Types of Burn Injuries 

Burns are identified depending on how severe the effects are on an individual’s skin. The degrees of burns include:

  • First-degree. This has a red appearance that is both painful and dry. It primarily affects the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). Generally, there is no long-term damage. You will experience noticeable redness in the beginning stages. Near the end of your recovery, it will fade away. 
  • Second-degree. This causes damage to the outer layer of your skin and the layer underneath (dermis). The appearance of the burn will appear bright red, swollen, and blistered. 
  • Deep partial-thickness burn. Leaves a scar on the skin, along with having your skin permanently change color. 
  • Third-degree. This primarily targets the nerve endings. It will destroy the epidermis and dermis. Third-degree burns could potentially impact the subcutaneous, which is the innermost layer of the skin. The burn will appear as a white, black, brown, or yellow shade. 
  • Fourth-degree. This causes the deepest and most severe burns. Fourth-degree burns may result in a life-threatening situation. All layers of your skin, including your muscles, bones, and tendons, will get destroyed.

Common Causes of Burns 

  • Chemical burn. Strong acids, detergents, solvents, paint thinner, gasoline, or drain cleaners can cause a burn once it gets into contact with your skin.
  • Cold burn. May also be identified as frostbite. This freezes your skin if you are in an area with extremely cold temperatures. 
  • Thermal burn. This occurs when you get into contact with an extremely hot object (metals or liquids), which can cause your skin cells to die. 
  • Electrical burn. Encountering an electrical current will cause you to get this type of burn. 
  • Radiation burn. There are various factors that apply to this type of burn. Sunburns, x-rays, and radiation therapy for cancer treatment may cause radiation burns. 
  • Friction burn. This occurs when your skin is rubbing against a surface. Examples include getting a rope burn or a rug burn.  

Examples of Burn Causes

Common areas where burn injuries may occur include:

  • Road. Car accidents may result in a minor or massive explosion, depending on the severity of the accident. Fuel trucks involved in collisions are prone to trigger an explosion that will result in flames spreading across the road. 
  • Kitchen. Various scenarios may come about when an individual is in the kitchen. They could burn their hands while using the stove to make food. Hot liquid may also land on them when they are making food, such as soup or rice. The degree of a burn depends on the temperature of the hot liquid along with how strong the fire was set on the stove.
  • Working environment. Employees may encounter high-temperature equipment that could cause a burn if contact is made with it. 
  • Faulty objects. Products that are defective can result in bursting flames or an explosion. An example could be cellphones not being manufactured properly, thus resulting in an explosion. This may cause the individual to face either moderate or severe burns depending on how strong the blast was.

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