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Mar 28, 2016

L.A. drivers have a bad reputation. But the reality is that Los Angeles County is one of the most dangerous places for drivers because of the volume of cars. The traffic congestion on L.A. roads is the reason why there are more accidents here than in other areas of the country.

High Volume with Congestion Increasing

L.A.’s limited public transportation infrastructure forces nearly every commuter to own a car, with most households owning multiple cars. There is simply not rough roads, even with the extensive highway network in and around Los Angeles County.

In addition to traffic problem plaguing Southern California, ride-share services may be making the situation even worse. While, the emergence of Uber and Lyft has made Angelinos’’ lives much easier, there is little room for these cars on the road. As a result, traffic may be worse than ever, with conditions deteriorating by the day.

Dealing with the Likelihood of Car Accidents

With the chances of getting into an accident much higher for L.A. residents, it is important to have a plan in place if you do get into an accident. Once you have made sure you are okay, contact the police to report an official account of the accident and obtain a police report. While you wait for police to arrive, talk to witnesses on the scene and get their contact information in case you need them to appear in court.

After you leave the scene, immediately contact a reputable and experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles to help with your insurance claim. Insurers are usually quick to make an offer once they review the circumstances of an accident. If you are taken off-guard by an insurance company adjuster, you may end up hurting your case. Instead of worrying about your claim and potentially mishandling it, it is in your best interest to have a professional handle your case.

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