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Who is at Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

May 15, 2018

Is the assignment of fault in T-bone accidents absolute? Although there are many considerations, either driver could be accountable. Regardless, this type of accident can cause serious injury or death. Even with today’s air bag technology and other safety components for collisions, impacts to the side of the vehicle are not as protected as front and rear crashes. Additionally, side airbags are not available in older vehicles.

These direct hits to the passenger or driver can be life-changing and life-threatening. Calling our top car accident lawyers after a T-bone accident is essential. This is especially important if you were the driver that hit the side of the second vehicle. Knowing that the colliding vehicle is not necessarily at fault, the right personal accident attorney will seek the truth. Some cars pull out in front of other drivers, essentially from nowhere, and violate other driver’s right-of-way. Being either driver, it is important not to draw conclusions, because either driver might be responsible.

Using the best auto accident lawyer will insure your best interests are considered. Whether or not you are the driver hit from the front or the side, the cause of the accident needs to be determined through evidence. These types of accidents will have resulting personal injury claims from both sides. Beginning with the police report, the top car accident lawyers will examine signage, traffic light programming, and camera footage and surveillance. Additionally, our personal accident attorney will interview witnesses and experts, as well as consider the vehicle evidence and data. All of this is instrumental in your compensation.

Our best auto accident lawyer will pursue the compensation you deserve when the other vehicle was at fault for the T-bone accident. Recovering damages for financial loss, physical injuries and psychological injuries, are based on the quality of evidence collected. As an injured party, you can recuperate lost wages, medical costs, and receive a settlement for physical pain, limitations, and disfigurement.

T-bone collisions cause a great deal of damage and are quite complex to investigate. Having the best auto accident lawyer by your side is essential in dealing with these complex cases. Serious injury and financial loss often follow, leaving you frustrated or devastated. We will try to get you the maximum compensation possible to help with medical costs and lost wages.

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