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Oct 21, 2015

Once you get involved in a personal injury case in California, your lawyer may tell you the period of “written discovery” has begun. This legal term refers to the time when information is exchanged between the parties in a lawsuit. Cases are often lost or won during this part of the process. Here is what to expect.

The Basics of Written Discovery

The information involved in this written discovery period is often basic, including your name, identity and other facts that are relevant to one or more of the issues in your lawsuit. However, detailed questionnaires may ask for much more information, which is necessary for the attorneys to analyze the case for settlement or prepare for trial.

Asking for admissions or denials of specific statements can complicate the process further. If either side has undergone physical examinations, this information will be scrutinized by attorneys and their staff. In some cases, the inspection of a person or car may be requested. The judge will rule on how appropriate the requests are in case of a dispute.

Handling Your Personal Injury Case

An experienced California personal injury attorney will be able to walk you through the written discovery part of a case so you don’t have to worry about the particulars as you recover from an accident. Not every request in appropriate and sometimes you should not and will not have to comply with the requests received from the other side.

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