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Feb 6, 2015

One of the options in your auto insurance is medical payments coverage, also known as Med Pay. And while it can be tempting to get rid of this option when you are trying to lower your premium, the truth is, medical payments coverage is one of the most critical components of your insurance policy.

Here is a bit more about what Med Pay is and what it does:

Faultless Coverage

In its most basic form, Med Pay helps handle medical bills for you and the passengers in your vehicle in the event of an accident. Med Pay is awarded regardless of fault; your insurance company will assist you in covering medical expenses up to the coverage limit on your policy. Your Med Pay is not limited to driving, either — it goes wherever you go.

Med Pay is important because dealing with car accident cases and waiting for settlements can take months or even years. If you are injured in a wreck someone else caused, their insurance company will not be in any hurry to take care of your medical bills.

Med Pay exists to ensure that you are not on your own while waiting for the insurance company to pay the bills. It also covers some things health insurance policies often overlook, like dental, ambulance, and chiropractic care. Because Med Pay’s premiums are so low there is no reason to skip it on your insurance policy. It can help you continue your life when you are involved in an accident.

You should discuss Med Pay with an experienced car accident attorney in Los Angeles so you are aware of all options available before making a decision regarding insurance coverage. And if you are in an accident, we can help make sure you receive all the insurance benefits to which you are entitled. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with one of West Coast Trial Lawyers’ trusted and experienced attorneys, please visit or contact us at (888) 539-9582.

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