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UPDATE: Yun Yuen Tsui Killed In Oakland Shuttle Bus Accident By 14th Street and Madison Street Near The Oakland Public Library

Oct 23, 2019

Yun Tsui Oakland:Yun Yuen Tsui Killed In Oakland Shuttle Bus Accident By 14th Street and Madison Street Near The Oakland Public Library

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (October 23, 2019) – An elderly pedestrian identified as Yun Yuen Tsui has tragically died in a shuttle bus accident outside the Oakland Main Library near the intersection of 14th Street and Madison Street. 

Oakland police officials are saying that the accident took place around 8:00 a.m. For reasons that remain under investigation Yun Yuen Tsui was struck by the bus near the Alameda County administration building and the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse. 

Witnesses said that they could see a pair of shoes underneath the bus. Paramedics rushed to the scene in order to help the victim. Yun Yuen Tsui was transported to the hospital but later died due to his injuries. 

The driver of the shuttle bus remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities. An investigation remains ongoing at this time. 

Liability In Oakland Shuttle Bus Accidents

Bus companies are considered “common carriers” under the law. A common carrier is any company – public or private – that transports goods or people for a fee. Common carriers have a heavy burden to operate their vehicles safely in order to prevent accidents. According to Squaw Valley Ski Corporation v. Superior Court, “The elevated standard of care for common carriers is “based on a recognition that the privilege of serving the public as a common carrier necessarily entails great responsibility, requiring common carriers to exercise a high duty of care towards their customers.” Buses tend to have very large blind spots that can obscure pedestrians crossing the road. 

Bus drivers are supposed to use extra caution when approaching pedestrians for this reason. According to California Vehicle Code 21950, “The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.” Elderly pedestrians remain at the greatest risk of injury or death from motor vehicle accidents. 

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, “Pedestrians ages 65 and older accounted for 20% of all pedestrian deaths in 2016 and an estimated 15% of all pedestrians injured in 2015. Almost 129,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency departments for non-fatal crash-related injuries in 2015.” In a bus driver is negligent and hits a pedestrian the company that they work for will typically be held at fault. Generally speaking, companies are responsible for the negligent conduct of their employees – insofar as those employees were working within the course and scope of their job duties. 

The family of any victim that dies in a shuttle bus accident may have legal recourse through California Code of Civil Procedure 377.60. Damages in a civil  claim can help cover medical bills, funeral expenses, lost income, loss of love and pain and suffering. It’s important that eye witness testimony and physical evidence are preserved after an accident. A bus accident attorney can examine all of the facts of your case and let you know what your legal options are. 

Investigating An Oakland Bus Accident 

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our deepest condolences to the family Yun Yuen Tsui who died in this bus accident. Any person that may have seen what happened should reach out to the Oakland police department as they continue their investigation. It is our sincere hope that city officials will consider measures to help make this intersection safer. 

If you or someone that you care about has been involved in a shuttle bus accident there are a number of laws designed to protect your rights. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to answer any legal questions that you may have. We are committed to making sure that accident victims are aware of their rights so that they can make informed decisions. Whether you have legal questions or need a free, independent investigation to get to the bottom of what caused an accident we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285. 

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