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UPDATE: Karmen Curley Injured In Los Angeles Scooter Accident After Hitting Pothole

Jun 7, 2019

Karmen Curley Los Angeles: 18-Year-Old Irish Teenager Karmen Curley From Newtownabbey Seriously Injured In Electric Scooter Accident After Hitting Pothole While Visiting Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (June 7, 2019) – An 18-year-old woman identified as Karmen Curley was seriously injured in a scooter accident while visiting Los Angeles with her sister Sian Curley. 

Sian Curley was studying in America for one year and was joined by her sister Karmen Curley to explore the west coast and Las Vegas. But the trip turned tragic following a freak accident on an electric scooter. 

Karmen Curley was riding a scooter in Los Angeles when she hit a pothole and struck her head while falling. She was rushed to the UCLA hospital unconscious and was diagnosed with brain bleed. 

In addition to her head injury, the victim also sustained a broken collar bone, a broken nose, a broken orbital bone and requires numerous surgeries. 

Sian Curley has told reporters that she is at her “wit’s end” trying to figure out how to pay for all of her medical costs. The total costs for the treatment have totaled more than $118,000 and are increasing by over $15,000 per day. 

You can help support the victim by donating to the Go Fund Me page that has been set up to help cover her medical bills. Any amount helps. The family is still paying off the funeral costs for their mother before this tragedy. 

The Rise of Scooter Accidents

Companies like Lime and Bird have popularized electric scooters throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area. But the influx of scooters into these cities has also come with a steep rise in accidents.According to one investigation by Consumer Reports, “electric scooters caused 1,545 injuries in the U.S. since late 2017, according to data collected from 110 hospitals and five public agencies in 47 cities where Bird or Lime, the leading tech-enabled scooter-sharing platforms, operate.” Here are just a few of the injuries common with electric scooter accidents:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal trauma
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations

There have been a number of reasons why these accidents have taken place. For example, defects with the scooters have caused a number of people to be seriously injured. Stems have collapsed and brakes have failed putting riders in deep peril. It’s important that evidence is preserved after any accident. Depending on the facts of any case there may be multiple forms of liability for a scooter accident.

Liability In Scooter Accidents

There may be numerous sources of potential liability for a scooter accident. First, Lime or Bird could potentially be liable for an accident if it was caused by a defect with the scooter. Product liability claims will typically fall under one of three categories: 

  • Design Defects: Are inherent to a product even before it is made.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Occur during the faulty creation of a good.
  • Marketing Defects: Occur when improper instructions are given or when a company fails to warn consumers about the latent dangers of a product.

In addition to liability on the part of a scooter company, a city like Los Angeles may also face liability for an accident if it was caused by a dangerous condition on public property. In California, cities have a legal obligation to design, construct and maintain roads that are reasonably safe. When they fail to live up to this standard they could be held liable for an accident. 

According to California Government Code 835, “Except as provided by statute, a public entity is liable for injury caused by a dangerous condition of its property if the plaintiff establishes that the property was in a dangerous condition at the time of the injury, that the injury was proximately caused by the dangerous condition, that the dangerous condition created a reasonably foreseeable risk of the kind of injury which was incurred.” For example, a pothole that causes a scooter rider to fall could potentially be construed as a ‘dangerous condition on public property.’ 

Any person that is injured in a scooter accident after hitting a pothole could potentially file a municipal negligence claim for damages. Damages in a civil claim can include all of the money for a victim’s medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. A scooter accident attorney can examine all of the facts of your case and let you know what your legal options are. There are very strict statute of limitations associated with being able to file a claim. It is therefore important to act quickly. It doesn’t cost anything to hire an attorney and they only get paid if they are able to successfully resolve your case. 

Getting Help After A Scooter Accident

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our thoughts and prayers to Karmen Curley and her family as she continues to recover. Anyone that may have seen this accident should reach out to police as they continue their investigation. We also encourage everyone to donate to the Go Fund Me page that has been set up for the victim’s medical bills. The city of Los Angeles needs to be doing more to cover potholes so that these accidents don’t occur in the first place. 

If you or someone that you love has been injured in a scooter accident in Los Angeles there is help available. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to help in any way that we can. We can fight on your behalf and work to get you the medical and financial support that you need to fully recover. In fact, we’ve successfully recovered over $1 billion for our deserving clients. Whether you need a free investigation into your case or need help getting all of your medical bills paid we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285.

Karmen Curley Los Angeles Scooter Accident

UPDATE: Karmen Curley Injured In Los Angeles Scooter Accident After Hitting Pothole

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