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UPDATE: Joyce Henifin Injured In Car Accident By Lodi Middle School By West Vine Street and Cortez Way

Oct 22, 2018

Joyce Henifin Accident: School Crossing Guard Injured In Car Accident While Trying To Help Teacher Cross Intersection By West Vine Street and Cortez Way In Lodi

 LODI, CALIFORNIA (October 20, 2018) A crossing guard for Lodi Middle School identified as Joyce Henifin was injured in a car accident when she was hit by the intersection at  West Vine Street and Cortez Way.

The 68-year-old school crossing guard was attempting to help another teacher cross the street just as school was being let out. The family of  Joyce Henifin says that she had to undergo surgery for a broken hip.

Her husband Leon Henifin says that his wife is attempting to walk but that she has been having breathing difficulties following the surgery. The intersection where the car accident took place is the same intersection where the crossing guard helps children cross the street.

Lodi police are saying that one car rear-ended another causing the car to hit the victim. Five years ago a family of six were killed at the the same intersection in a crash with a drunk driver.

“The staff and the city know it’s a dangerous intersection,” said Leon Henifin. He says that more needs to be done to make the intersection safer, especially because it is putting children in danger.

The family of Joyce Henifin is saying that it may take months before she is able to return back to work. An investigation into the accident remains ongoing a this time.

Using Engineering To Make Intersections Safer

As city populations get denser across the United States, there is a growing need to help maintain safety for pedestrians. Surveys and engineering are important tools that cities can use to identify and fix intersections that may be dangerous. Here are just a few of the design improvements that can be made to intersections in order to make them safer.

  • If there is an intersection where drivers won’t slow down one of the most effective solutions is to simply install a street light. Connected traffic lights with sensors can detect when pedestrians are present and change their timing with traffic density. This allows for greater pedestrian safety and improvements to the flow of traffic.

  • Timing adjustments can be made at intersections in order to give pedestrians a head start.

  • Left turns are one of the leading causes of accidents. Drivers making left turns are typically more distracted because they have to worry about oncoming traffic. Protected left turns clearly define when a vehicle and a pedestrian have the right of way.

  • Raised pedestrian crossings act as speeding bumps and have a calming effect on the speed and flow of traffic.

  • Protected intersections provide “refuge islands” for pedestrians in the event they aren’t able to finish crossing an intersection in time.

Pedestrian accidents can leave victims with serious and long lasting injuries. In addition to high medical bills, a person may need to take time off from work. A pedestrian accident attorney can help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Personal injury attorneys work off of a contingency basis, meaning that they only get paid if they settle or win your case.

Liability In Car Accidents At Dangerous Intersections

There are a number of parties that could face civil liability for the car accident that injured school crossing guard Joyce Henifin. To begin with, the driver could be held liable. There is a presumption of negligence in rear-end collisions. Hitting a driver from behind is very strong evidence that a driver was either not paying attention or driving too quickly. Victims of pedestrian accidents could file a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance.

In addition to negligence on the part of a driver, there may also be negligence on the part of a city if a dangerous condition in the roadway contributed to an accident. According to California Government Code 835, “Except as provided by statute, a public entity is liable for injury caused by a dangerous condition of its property if the plaintiff establishes that the property was in a dangerous condition at the time of the injury, that the injury was proximately caused by the dangerous condition, that the dangerous condition created a reasonably foreseeable risk of the kind of injury which was incurred, and that either: (a) A negligent or wrongful act or omission of an employee of the public entity within the scope of his employment created the dangerous condition; or (b) The public entity had actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition under Section 835.2 a sufficient time prior to the injury to have taken measures to protect against the dangerous condition.”

Getting Help From A Car Accident Attorney

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our thoughts and prayers to  Joyce Henifin. It is our sincere hope that city officials in Lodi will take this as a wake up call and take steps to make this intersection safer. Children cross these roads every day and someone could easily be killed. We encourage anyone that may have knowledge about what happened to reach out to investigators for the sake of the victim and her family. The driver involved should come forward and admit liability for what they’ve done.

Have you or someone that you love been involved in a car accident at a dangerous intersection. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys can investigate your case and take steps to preserve your rights. Our goal is to get our clients the best medical treatment possible and to make sure they are adequately compensated for their injuries. In fact, we are proud to have recovered over 1 billion dollars for our clients. Whether you just have questions about your rights or are looking to hire an attorney we are here for you. Call us today for a risk free consultation about your case (888) 888-9285.


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