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UPDATE: Cost Mesa Fire Captain Mike Kreza Died In Car Accident While Riding Bicycle In Mission Viejo By Alicia Parkway near Via Burgos

Dec 18, 2018

Cost Mesa Fire Captain Mike Kreza Died In Bicycle Accident After DUI Driver Hit Him In Mission Viejo; Doctor Arrested For Illegally Selling Opiods To Suspect Who Killed Fire Captain

MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA (December 18, 2018) – A doctor has been arrested for allegedly providing illegal opioids to the man charged in a fatal DUI car accident that killed Cost Mesa Fire Captain Mike Kreza. 

Federal agents stormed the house of an Orange County doctor and arrested him for illegally distributing oxycodone.  Agents also raided Irvine Village Urgent Care where the doctor works. 

According to the complaint, the doctor is being accused of distributing the prescriptions to drug addicts who would then go on to sell them on the black market. The driver  arrested for hitting and killing Cost Mesa Fire Captain Mike Kreza was under the influence of the opioids allegedly prescribed by the doctor. 

Firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident in order to help Mike Kreza, but he died due to his injuries. The Fire Captain has been described as a loving husband and father of three girls. 

You can support the family of the deceased Fire Captain by donating to the Go Fund Me page that has been set up for them. 

Liability In DUI Accidents

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in California while under the influence of alcohol. What many people do not understand is that it is also illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs that impair driving including prescriptions. According to the California Vehicle Code, “(c) It is unlawful for a person who is addicted to the use of any drug to drive a vehicle. This subdivision shall not apply to a person who is participating in a narcotic treatment program approved pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section 11875) of Chapter 1 of Part 3 of Division 10.5 of the Health and Safety Code. (f) It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.”

Medical providers may also face liability for illegally prescribed drugs to patients. Doctors have an obligation to use their best judgement when writing prescriptions. The opioid epidemic began in the mid 90’s and has claimed tens of thousands of lives. It has continued in large part due to the work of unethical doctors that are more concerned with enriching themselves than providing their patients with good care. If a doctor is negligent when deciding to give patients narcotics or other drugs they may have committed medical malpractice. It’s always a good idea to seek the legal guidance of an experienced car accident attorney following an incident. An attorney can examine all of the specific facts of your case and let you know what your rights are.  

Investigating A DUI Accident

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our deepest condolences to the family of Cost Mesa Fire Captain Mike Kreza as they are going through such a difficult time. We encourage everyone to donate to the Go Fund Me campaign that has been set up for his family. There needs to be some accountability for what has happened both on the driver and for the doctor that was allegedly supplying this individual with pills. 

If someone that you love has died due to the negligence of an intoxicated driver you may have legal recourse. Our team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys are here to help you in any way that we can. We have a world class staff and extensive resources to investigate your claim thoroughly. Whether you would like a free investigation into a car accident or just have questions about your rights we are always here for you. You can reach us anytime by calling (888) 888-9285.

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