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UPDATE: Brandon Sonnier Injured In San Pedro Car Accident On Set of L.A.’s Finest That Caused Leg Amputation

Mar 1, 2019

Brandon Sonnier San Pedro: Brandon Sonnier and Brandon Margolis Were Injured In Los Angeles Car Accident While On The Set of L.A.’s Finest

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (February 28, 2019) – Two people identified as Brandon Sonnier and Brandon Margolis were injured in a car stunt scene while working on the set of L.A.’s Finest.

For reasons that remain under investigation, a stunt car crashed into a cargo crate and then into Video Village before hitting the victims. Brandon Margolis was reportedly released quickly from the hospital following the accident.

 Brandon Sonnier’s leg was pinned in the crash  and doctor’s had to amputate it below the knee. He remains hospitalized at this time and is currently surrounded by family. 

A number of people are asking questions about why Video Village was set up so close to the stunt scene. Cal/OSHA has launched a formal investigation into the cause of the accident.  

L.A.’s Finest is a spin-off from the Bad Boys movies. Brandon Sonnier is a well known producer, editor and writer whose works include the Beat, Blacklist and Blues. 

Liability In Stunt Accidents

Film companies have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all their workers and staff. This is especially important when stunt cars are being used. Filmmakers should be following Cal/OSHA safety guidelines if they want to keep workers safe. Every worker that is injured in California will be entitled to worker’s compensation through their job. According to the California Worker’s Compensation Guidebook, “If you get hurt on the job, your employer is required by law to pay for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation covers some, but not all, stress-related (psychological) injuries caused by your job.” Some of the benefits of worker’s compensation include: 

  • Money for medical care. This can include compensation for treatment, tests, prescriptions and medical equipment so that you can heal.
  • Money for temporary disability following an accident. Many injuries prevent workers from being able to return to work for several days, weeks or months. You may be entitled to compensation while you are off work. 
  • Money for permanent disability. Some injuries are so bad that a worker may not be able to return to their profession.  

What many workers don’t realize is that the worker’s compensation system is not the only remedy for injured workers. An injured worker may be able to file a third-party liability claim in order to recover damages. For example, if a stunt production company was negligent and caused an accident they may face civil liability for a person’s injuries. A car accident attorney can investigate your case free of charge and get to the bottom of what happened. 

Getting Help After A Car Accident

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our thoughts and prayers to Brandon Sonnier and Brandon Margolis. This accident should never have happened. There needs to be additional safety measures put in place to make sure that this doesn’t take place ever again. No person working on a film set should ever have to fear for their life or safety. 

Have you or someone that you love been injured in an accident on a film set. Our team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys are here to answer any questions about your rights. We’ve successfully resolved thousands of claims. We care deeply that our clients get the financial and medical support that they need to recover. Whether you just have questions about your rights or need a free investigation into your case we are here for you. You’re always welcome to reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285.

Brandon Sonnier Accident L.A.'s Finest

SAN PEDRO: Brandon Sonnier Injured In Car Accident On Set of L.A.’s Finest That Caused Leg Amputation

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