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Understanding Loss of Income Damages

Nov 12, 2014

When it comes to damages related to an auto accident, there’s more to consider than the usual medical and repair costs incurred as a result of the event. Many people believe that the only damages you can collect from the person at fault are the medical bills and vehicle repair costs. However, many victims do not realize that additional damages are available that cover a wide range of situations.

For example, did you know that a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you to recover income lost as a result of your injury?

What is Loss of Income?

Loss of income refers to what happens when you have to miss days or weeks of work because of a car accident. If you’re stuck in the hospital or are unable to work due to an injury, you’re losing the money that you would have made. For many folks working multiple jobs or jobs without enormous benefits packages, losing this income can be crippling. Adding loss of income to your total damages helps you to keep your life moving forward as you work to recover from an accident.

You are entitled to damages related to any income you lose as a result of injuries from an accident. The at-fault driver or his/her insurance company must reimburse you for these losses once it is established that the lost income is a direct result of the accident. It is here that a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer becomes invaluable; you need someone on your side in the courtroom who knows how to press for these additional damages.

Finally, it is also important to note that even if your company reimburses you for your days off via sick pay or vacation time, the at-fault driver is still responsible for income loss damages. Receiving sick pay does not make you ineligible to receive damages related to potential lost income.

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