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Types and Levels of Brain Injury

May 21, 2018

Traumatic brain injuries include concussions, contusions, coup and contrecoup, diffuse axonal, and penetration of the brain. If you feel you are a victim to any of these types, you should seek medical attention and consult with our traumatic brain injury lawyer after your injury has been medically documented.

A concussion is the most prevalent form of traumatic brain injury and is caused by either physical impact or a strong force to the skull. The person may feel disorientated or even lose consciousness. The recovery could take years. Talk over your legal options with our Los Angeles brain injury lawyer. A contusion is the bleeding of the brain and, like a concussion, can be the result of physical impact. Coup and contrecoup injuries occur when the force is so strong that it causes a contusion at the opposite site of impact.

Diffuse axonal injury is caused when the brain moves back and forth in the cranium as a result of a substantial amount of velocity. The brain can’t keep up with the motion which can result in temporary or permanent brain damage, coma, or death.

A penetrating injury is from an impact that forces material into the brain. In a “through and through” injury, the object goes through the brain and continues out the other side of the cranium. Our traumatic brain injury lawyer has experience dealing with these cases and the possible long term effects of such injuries. You may be entitled to a large settlement.

Acquired brain injuries can be the result of strokes, tumors, infections, toxins, degenerative diseases, near drownings and/or other conditions not caused by a physical trauma. Anoxia can occur when the brain does not receive oxygen. Hypoxia is a lack of blood flow to the brain which results in not enough oxygen. Call our brain injury attorney Los Angeles to make sure your interests are represented and you are properly compensated to pay any future medical bills.

With a mild traumatic brain injury, there could be a momentary loss of consciousness and a feeling of disorientation. You should contact our Los Angeles brain injury lawyer to ensure your best interests are met. A moderate traumatic brain injury will cause a loss of consciousness up to several hours with a confused feeling that could last for weeks. The physical and psychological disturbances could last for months or stay forever. Severe brain injuries are the most life threatening. Extended hospitalization and rehabilitation may be necessary. Our brain injury attorney Los Angeles can represent your well-being on those matters.

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