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May 21, 2015

If you’ve been injured, the answer is always yes. Even in low speed collisions, we recommend seeing a doctor right away because you may have injured yourself without even realizing it at the time of impact.

If you were rear-ended, you may have injured your neck as a result of the abrupt forward and backward head jerking motion. Any head or spine injury can be serious, so it’s important to visit a doctor right away to be safe.

Delaying your trip to the doctor doesn’t just harm your health; it can also lead to decreased compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault driver. A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help further explain the importance of immediate medical attention. If you wait too long, insurance companies may refuse to pay your claim, citing another source as the cause of your injury.

Therefore, it is critical that you see a physician within a reasonable period of time, to not give the insurance company (or judge or jury) any reason to doubt your injury. The more time that passes between the accident and the doctor visit, the more likely it is that the insurance company will claim that you are not really injured.

If you cannot get to urgent care or your primary care doctor right away, visit a hospital. Hospital doctors are legally bound to see a patient, especially in the case of an accident, regardless of health insurance or their finances.

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