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SAN FRANCISCO: Mun Light Rail Train Accident Involving Truck Injured Multiple People By Third Street and Innes Street Injured Multiple People

Aug 4, 2019

San Francisco Train Accident: Mun Light Rail Trolley Accident Involving Truck Injured Multiple People By Third Street and Innes Street In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (August 4, 2019) – Multiple people were injured in a muni light rail trolley accident involving a commercial truck by Innes Street and Third Street.

San Francisco police are saying that the truck involved allegedly made an illegal left turn onto Innes Street in front of the train. The force of the collision caused the train to derail several feet off the tracks. 

The driver of the big rig has not been cited at this time. An investigation into the cause of the truck accident remains ongoing at this time. 

Liability In Truck Accidents

Truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and take steps to avoid causing accidents. Any truck driver attempting to make a left turn must yield the right of way to vehicles, trains or pedestrians that are close enough to pose a hazard. According to California Vehicle Code 21801, “The driver of a vehicle intending to turn to the left or to complete a U-turn upon a highway, or to turn left into public or private property, or an alley, shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching from the opposite direction which are close enough to constitute a hazard at any time during the turning movement.”

Truck accidents tend to happen when drivers get distracted or are otherwise unfamiliar with the roadway. San Francisco has some notoriously difficult streets to traverse. Any truck driver that causes an accident while making a left turn will likely face civil liability. The victims of any truck accident may have legal recourse through a bodily injury claim. Damages may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. A truck accident attorney can examine all of the facts of your case and let you know what your legal options are. 

Getting Help After A truck Accident

Have you or someone that you care about been injured in a truck accident? There are a number of laws designed to protect your rights. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to answer any questions that you may have. We can fight on your behalf and make sure that you are being properly taken care of after an accident and that negligent drivers are held to account. Whether you need assistance after an accident or just have questions about the law we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285.

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