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Jun 29, 2015

After an auto accident, an insurance adjuster will usually ask you to provide a recorded statement. You may feel overwhelmed and confused. At the same time, you may feel the urgency to prove your case by providing a recorded statement. However, a seemingly innocent recorded statement can come back to haunt you down the road because insurance adjusters are trained to manipulate the recorded statement process to build up a defense against your claim. It’s best to contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer first.

Recorded statement implications

If you provide a recorded statement to the other party’s (the person who is at fault) insurance company, you can rest assured that any information you provide, but most importantly, any important information you innocently leave out, will be used against you. For example, if you forget to mention that the auto accident caused you to feel neck pain or back pain, the insurance company will use your statement later to argue that you were not injured. If you provide a recorded statement, there is nothing you can do to retract your statement or change any details.

Handling demands for a statement

The law does not require you to provide a recorded statement to other party’s insurance company. Although you may be required to cooperate with your own insurance company because of the terms of your own insurance policy, there are no such requirements with other party’s insurance company.

Will recorded statements help in a personal injury case?

Providing a recorded statement to an insurance company in a personal injury case, without the guidance of a personal injury attorney, generally will not help your cause. Any information you provide or innocently forget to mention will be used against you.

The bottom line is that you should never provide a recorded statement to insurance companies before seeking the advice of an experienced and reputable car accident lawyer. When turning down the request for a recorded statement, it is imperative to be firm but polite. Do not give in. Regardless of how nice, personable, or friendly the adjuster may seem, his or her job is to do whatever necessary to come up with reasons to deny your claim.

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