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NEWARK: Luis Hernandez Killed In Car Accident While Riding Bicycle By Cedar Boulevard and Milani Avenue

Nov 20, 2018

Luis Hernandez Accident: 53-Year-Old Bicyclist Died After Being Hit By Car At Intersection

 NEWARK, CALIFORNIA (November 20, 2018) A 53-year-old man identified as Luis Hernandez has died in a car accident by the intersection of Cedar Boulevard and Milani Avenue.

California Highway Patrol are saying that the car accident took place around 9:22 p.m. Firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene of accident in order to help the victim.

Tragically he was pronounced dead at the scene. Newark police are asking anyone that may have seen what happened to reach out to them.

Liability In Pedestrian Accidents

There are number of ways that police can determine liability in pedestrian accidents. Most intersections have traffic cameras that capture the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Drivers should yield the right of way to pedestrians when they are in a marked crosswalk. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The family of a victim of a pedestrian accident may be able to file a wrongful death claim in order to be compensated for damages. An attorney can examine the specific facts of your case and let you know what you rights are.  

Getting Help From A Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Have you or someone that you love been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident? You may have legal recourse. Our team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys are here to help you in any way that we can. We have the knowledge and resources to fight on your behalf and get you the justice that you deserve. Whether you need a police report after an accident or you just have questions about your rights we are here for you. You’re always welcome to reach us at  (888) 888-9285.


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