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MILL VALLEY: Raquel Lantin Asperas Killed In Car Accident At Studio Movie Grill Parking Lot On Simi Town Center Way

Jan 20, 2019

Raquel Asperas Mill Valley: 64-Year-Old Simi Valley Resident Raquel Lantin Asperas Died In Car Accident At Studio Movie Grill Parking Lot  Located at Simi Town Center Way

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (January 20, 2019) – A 64-year-old woman from Simi Valley identified as Raquel Lantin Asperas tragically died in an accident after being hit by an SUV in the Studio Movie Grill parking lot.

Mill Valley police are saying that the accident took place on Simi Town Center Way around 6:15 p.m. For reasons that remain under investigation, Raquel Lantin Asperas was hit by a man in his 50’s driving an SUV.

Police arrived to the Studio Movie Grill parking lot in order to help the victim. Tragically, she later died due to her injuries.

Police are asking anyone that may have information about the crash to reach out to them.

Liability In Parking Lot Accidents

There are a number of sources of liability in parking lot accidents. Drivers have a responsibility to keep an eye out for pedestrians and to take steps to avoid accidents. Parking lots are particularly dangerous because pedestrians and drivers must constantly interact. Most parking lot accidents happen when drivers are either speeding or distracted. Being backed into is another very real danger and cause of a number of accidents.

In addition to driver error, a property owner may face civil liability for an accident that takes place in their parking lot. According to the California Civil Code § 1714 subsection (a), “Everyone is responsible, not only for the result of his or her willful acts, but also for an injury occasioned to another by his or her want of ordinary care or skill in the management of his or her property or person, except so far as the latter has, willfully or by want of ordinary care, brought the injury upon himself or herself. […] The extent of liability in these cases is defined by the Title on Compensatory Relief.”

The family of a victim that died in a parking lot accident may have the ability to seek justice through California’s Code of Civil Procedure 377.60. A wrongful death attorney can examine the specific facts of your case and let you know what your options are. An attorney can investigate your case free of charge and determine if the property owner was negligent. Damages in a wrongful death claim may include compensation for lost wages, loss of companionship and pain and suffering.

Getting Help After A Car Accident

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our deepest condolences to the family of Raquel Lantin Asperas. It is our sincere hope that police get to the bottom of what happened. Authorities should determine whether additional safety measures could be put in place to help prevent other accidents. It would be deeply unfortunate if this were to happen again.

Have you or someone that you love been involved in a parking lot accident in Mill Valley. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to help in any way that we can. We are deeply committed to making sure that our clients get justice and are well taken care of after an accident. Whether you just have questions about your rights or need a free investigation into your case we are here for you. You’re always welcome to reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285.

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