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MAGALIA: Two People Injured In Dog Attack On Rosewood Drive

Mar 15, 2019

Two People Seriously Injured In Magalia Dog Attack On 6600 Block Of Rosewood Drive

MAGALIA, CALIFORNIA (March 15, 2019) – Two people were seriously injured in an attack with a pack of dogs along Rosewood Drive in Butte County. 

Magalia deputies are saying that the dog attack took place around 9:00 a.m. Officers were able to get one of the victims out of the area and into safety so that they could be taken to the hospital. 

Prior to that attack another person was hospitalized and scheduled to undergo surgery from a dog attack in the same area. The owner of the dogs responsible for the attack was in court dealing with earlier complaints about the dogs. 

A total of four dogs were rounded up and quarantined. 

Liability And Injuries In Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are very common in the United States. An estimated 5,000,000 people are treated for dog bites every year. Around 30 – 40 people are killed every year from dog bites. Dogs are naturally pack animals and are more likely to attack when they are in groups. Injuries from a dog attack can be severe and may include:

  • Lacerations
  • Bite wounds
  • Amputations
  • Scarring
  • Infections

California is a “strict liability” state when it comes to dog attacks. In order to recover damages a victim does not have to show that a dog or group of dogs were vicious. Owners are responsible for the conduct of their dogs in most circumstances. According to California Civil Code 3342

“The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.” 

As long as the victim was in a public place or lawfully in a private place the dog owner is likely going to be responsible for the attack. A dog bite injury attorney can investigate your claim free of charge and let you know what your options are. Victims may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. 

Getting Help After A Dog Attack

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our thoughts and prayers to all of those that were injured in this dog attack in Magalia. Any witnesses that may have seen what happened should reach out to police as they continue to investigate. It is important that the police take steps to prevent vicious dogs from attacking people. Owners that aren’t able to control their animals shouldn’t have them in the first place. 

If you or someone that you love has been injured in a dog attack you may have legal recourse. Our team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys are here to answer any questions that you may have. We’ve successfully resolved thousands of claims and can work to get you the medical and financial support that you need. Whether you need help investigating a dog attack or just have questions about your rights we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285.


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