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LONG BEACH: Cesar Altamirano, Tustin High School Water Polo Coach, Injured In Car Accident

Apr 19, 2019

Cesar Altamirano Long Beach: Tustin High and SOCAL Water Polo Coach Cesar Altamirano Seriously Injured In Car Accident 

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA (April 19, 2019) – Tustin High and SOCAL water polo coach Cesar Altamirano was seriously injured in a car accident.

Cesar Altamirano is credidted with helping guide the Tillers’ boys to a CIF-SS Division 6 runner-up finish. Colleagues have described Cesar Altamirano as a hard-working, kind and beloved coach who would do anything to help his team.

Cesar Altamirano played water polo and also swam for Tustin before becoming a coach. There is an ongoing investigation into what caused the car accident. 

Liability In Car Accidents

According to the World Health Organization, “Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.” Another 25 – 50 million people are seriously injured or disabled. It has been estimated that nearly 94% of all accidents involve some element of human error. Here are just a few of the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Prescription medication 
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Distracted driving

But not every car accident is solely the byproduct of negligent drivers. Depending on the facts of any case, there may be liability on the part of a city for an accident. According to California Government Code 835,  a government entity may be liable for an accident caused by a dangerous condition on public property. For example, a number of intersections are dangerous because they lack proper signs that could prevent accidents. 

Any person that is injured in a car accident may have legal recourse through a bodily injury claim. According to Northwestern University, “The lifetime costs of a patient’s treatment for a traumatic brain injury are estimated to run from $85,000 to $3 million.” This can be a crushing burden for both individuals as well as families. A car accident attorney can examine all of the unique facts of your case and let you know what your options are.

Investigating A Car Accident

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our thoughts and prayers to Cesar Altamirano as he continues to recover. It is our sincere hope that anyone that saw what happened will come forward. It is clear by those that knew Cesar that he was an extraordinary person. 

If you or someone that you love has been injured in a car accident there are a number of laws designed to protect your rights. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to answer any legal questions that you may have. We are committed to making sure that victims are aware of their rights so that they can make the best decisions for their own futures. Whether you need a free investigation into a specific accident, would like a police report about an accident or just have questions about your rights we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285. 

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