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Aug 12, 2015

While most know that they have certain rights as car accident victims, some are unaware that they have specific rights when they are the victim of a crime. For example, you may have additional rights if you are hit by someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Knowing your rights and taking action to protect them will determine whether you end up receiving the full protection of the law. Here’s how a crime victim attorney in Los Angeles can help.

Victim’s Rights under Federal and California Law

Every victim of crime has guaranteed rights. The list begins with the right to protection from the offending party and continues with the right to attend proceedings and maintain privacy throughout the trial. Furthermore, victims have the rights to “full and timely restitution as provided in law.” This restitution may include compensation for damages suffered in a variety of ways. In a personal injury case, you may need counseling or medical care. Lost wages may also be due to you when you cannot work as a result of your injuries.

How a Crime Victim Attorney Proceeds

When you are the victim of any type of crime in Los Angeles, the best move is to immediately contact an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney in Los Angeles familiar with California law. Personal injury attorneys can help you no matter what type of crime has impacted your life. With an attorney that specializes in getting damages for victims of any type of crime, you can be assured your life can proceed normally once the case concludes.

If you’re seeking a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to help you get the full protection of the law, contact West Coast Trial Lawyers today. West Coast Trial Lawyers has experience handling both criminal and civil personal injury cases in Los Angeles, and we will fight for you till the very end. For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact us at (888) 539-9582 or visit

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