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INDUSTRY: Worker Injured In Forklift Accident After It Fell From Loading Dock Near North Baldwin Park Boulevard

May 20, 2019

Industry Forklift Accident: Worker Around 30-Year-Old Seriously Injured In Accident After Being Hit By Forklift That Fell From Loading Dock 

INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA (May 20, 2019) – Worker seriously injured in forklift accident after the machine fell off a city of Industry loading dock near North Baldwin Park Avenue. 

Industry police are saying that the accident took place around 3:50 p.m. and pinned the worker’s arm. He had to be airlifted to a local trauma center in order to receive treatment. 

Cal/OSHA was called to the scene in order to investigate. There is no word yet on what may have caused the worker to be injured. 

Liability In Forklift Accidents

Forklift accidents are actually extremely common. According to McCue, “Forklifts account for around 85 deaths every year. Forklift accidents that result in serious injury total 34,900 annually. Non-serious injuries related to forklift accidents reach 61,800 each year. A forklift overturning is the most common incident, accounting for 24% of all forklift accidents.” There are a number of factors that make forklifts particularly dangerous: 

  • Forklifts can weight over 9,000 pounds, many times more than a car
  • They can accelerate up to 18 mph
  • Forklift only have brakes in the front making them hard to stop

If a worker is injured in a forklift accident they will typically have the ability to seek damages through the worker’s compensation system. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations Workers Compensation Guidebook, “If you get hurt on the job, your employer is required by law to pay for workers’ compensation benefits.” What many workers may not realize is that the worker’s compensation system may not be sufficient in order to help them fully recover. 

A catastrophic injury can leave victims with hundreds of thousands or even millions in medical bills and lost wages. Depending on the facts of any case an injured worker may have the ability to seek damages through a third party liability claim. A third party liability claim may be possible if an accident was caused by the negligence of a company separate from a worker’s employer. 

For example, if a third-party contractor was driving a forklift and caused it to hit a worker the company that they work for could be held liable. A personal injury attorney can investigate all of the facts of your case free of charge and let you know what your options are. It doesn’t cost anything to hire an attorney and they can immediately start working to make sure that you get the medical and financial support that you need to fully recover. 

Getting Help After A Forklift Accident

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our thoughts and prayers to the worker that was injured in this accident by the loading dock in Industry. Any person that may have seen what happened should reach out to Cal/OSHA officials as they continue their investigation. It is our sincere hope that measures are put in place to help make sure that this does not take place again.

If you or someone that you love has been injured in a forklift accident you may have legal recourse. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to answer any questions that you may have about your rights. We are committed to making sure that worker’s are treated fairly by their employees and that they get all of the support that they need to fully recover. Whether you need more information about an accident or just have legal questions about your rights we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 888-9285.

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