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Feb 10, 2016

Whenever there is a car accident, automobile insurance policies immediately come into play. Insurers prefer to settle cases to minimize costs, and making a settlement offer eliminates the risk of going to trial. The ultimate question is whether a settlement offer covers all of your damages. A large percentage of cases settle without a lawsuit ever being filed. An experienced car accident attorney can advise you whether to file suit or accept a settlement.

Pros and Cons of Settling

There are cases when a deal offered by an insurance will work for those involved in the accident. Maybe the damages to your car were not severe, and you experienced little physical harm as a result of the crash. In these situations, you may decide to accept a deal in order to receive the settlement check right away and avoid the stress of a lawsuit. If you lose the case, you may not be compensated for your damages.

Since insurance company settlement offers tend to be small in the beginning, your lawyer may suggest rejecting the offer and continuing to negotiate or filing suit. This often leads insurance companies to increase the settlement amount to avoid the expense of a litigating the case. Either way, accepting the first offer is usually not in a victim’s best interest.

How Cases Proceed After Rejecting an Initial Offer

When you reject the first offer, your attorney will prepare a counter demand that details your side of the story and explains your damages in great detail to present a complete picture of your injuries.

If the insurance company rejects your counter demand and does not increase its initial settlement offer, the time has come to file suit and begin the process of taking the case to trial. That doesn’t mean there will be a trial. Insurers will assess their risk of going to trial or paying more to avoid costly litigation. Therefore, more often than not, insurers increase their offers after a lawsuit is file by reputable personal injury attorneys. In some cases, insurers will not budge, testing your and your attorney’s will to proceed with the case. This is when your experienced attorney will begin preparing your case for trial.

When involved in an auto accident, you need the help and guidance of an experienced car accident attorney in Los Angeles when dealing with insurance companies. West Coast Trial Lawyer has been helping victims recover damages for many years. For further information or to talk to one of our highly sought after and experienced lawyers at any time, please visit or contact us at (888) 539-9582.

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