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May 24, 2017

According to Fox News, Martin Galindo-Larious, father of two, tragically died at age 37 after eating nacho cheese at a gas station in Northern California. Galindo-Larious has been identified as the first fatality in a botulism outbreak linked to nacho cheese. The outbreak has also left nine others hospitalized, one of whom is paralyzed. According to tests reportedly conducted by California Department of Public Health officials, botulism toxin was present in the nacho cheese manufactured by Gehl Foods of Wisconsin. The gas station has since removed the product. There are severe side effects linked to botulism poisoning. Botulism poisoning can lead to paralysis, difficulty breathing, and even death. Surviving victims may have to spend weeks or months on ventilators. The victims are being treated with an anti-toxin from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. West Coast Trial Lawyers offers its thoughts and prayers to the victims of the outbreak and their families, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

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