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May 13, 2016

Can You Fire Your Accident Attorney?

At West Coast Trial Lawyers, we frequently receive phone calls from automobile accident victims who are looking to switch legal representation. The answer is, yes. Even if you are weeks or months into your case, you always have the option of firing your attorney. Firing your attorney, however, is a major decision that can greatly influence the outcome of your case. This article will discuss the most frequent reasons why clients choose to fire their auto accident attorney.

Reasons to Fire Your Attorney

These are some of the most common reasons why clients decide to terminate their relationships with their auto accident attorney

  • Lack of Communication. You cannot communicate properly with your attorney. This might include situations where your lawyer does not return your phone calls, fails to keep you informed, and does not provide timely updates about your case;
  • Disagreements. You might disagree with your attorney’s strategy or feel that your lawyer fails to understand important issues from your perspective. Your lawyer might also be working towards an outcome that you do not want; and
  • Skill. Your attorney might demonstrate the lack of skill necessary to handle your case successfully. This lack of skill might be demonstrated by clerical errors in paperwork, your attorney missing deadlines, your attorney not filing the paperwork required for your case, or your attorney’s lack of knowledge of the applicable law or facts in your case.

Advice When Firing Your Attorney

By following some certain basic advice when you have decided to fire your attorney:

  • Replacement Counsel. Before deciding to fire your lawyer, you should have replacement counsel already selected. You should research the ramifications of discontinuing a relationship with your current lawyer. Not to mention, you should be aware of how much you must pay for the services of your new attorney.
  • Mail. Notify your attorney in writing that you are firing your attorney and include the contact information of your new attorney to ensure your files are forwarded in a timely manner.
  • Court Notification. If your case has already been filed with the court, notify the court of the change in your representation.
  • Unpaid Fees. Your former attorney may have a lien for his or her fees and costs advanced in your case. You should make a written request to your former attorney to provide you with written itemized breakdown of the fees and costs.

Firing your auto accident attorney in Los Angeles is not a matter to be taken lightly. The highly successful and reputable professionals at West Coast Trial Lawyers will guide and represent you during this process. For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact West Coast Trial Lawyers at (888) 539-9582 or visit

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