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Apr 15, 2015

In most personal injury cases, a court battle is avoided entirely. Insurance companies often try to settle claims without dealing with a costly trial. If, however, an insurance company gives you an unfair offer, our next step is preparing for court. We will prepare all the documents and gather all the evidence necessary to file your case. However, when it comes to actually receiving a trial date, Los Angeles County residents have to deal with long delays. Budget cuts and court closures have created enormous problems in the Los Angeles County court system.

Major Delays

California’s increasingly serious budget crisis has hit local courts hard. The Los Angeles County Superior Court system eliminated hundreds of jobs and closed down several courts. Los Angeles courts handle roughly 10 million cases every year, and dealing with the court has become an enormous struggle. Traffic courts have become so overwhelmed that lines often extend around the block just to solve simple traffic tickets.

So what does this mean for your motor vehicle accident case? It means you need to be ready to go the distance. At the present time, new civil court cases take about 18 months to trial. If court closures continue, these wait times could become every worse. Native Angelinos may remember the condition of the courts in the early 80s, when courts could take up to five years to bring your case to trial.

These complications make it all the more important that you work with an experienced accident lawyer in Los Angeles. The trusted and reputable lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers, will assist you and work hard on your behalf to ensure your case moves along as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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