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Claiming Compensation for Burns at Work

May 23, 2018

Burn Injuries in the workplace are a nightmare to any employer or employee. The losses from the accidents might take a serious toll on the reputation of an organization and might cost the life or lifetime productivity of an employee. Therefore, it is imperative for all stakeholders to be aware of the need to prevent these occurrences and how to claim compensation when they do occur.

Entitled Claims

Not all claims are payable even with the help of a burn injury lawyer. Some burn injuries occur as a result of negligence of the employer in their duty to care for employees. Others are caused by the ignorance of employees to observe safety measures at work. Failure by the employer to identify risks, offer training, and distribute protective equipment makes one eligible to claim for compensations once burns transpire at the workplace.

However, the employer is not liable for all burn accidents at work. For instance, in the occurrence of unforeseen burn incidents not envisaged by the compensation policy, the claim may be rejected. As such, getting acquainted with all claim policies for workplace burns is crucial so that you do not waste time in unsuccessful follow-ups.

Recording Workplace Accidents

It is important to report the burns in a report book of accidents. The recordings are useful in the investigation by the health department for the claims to be approved. In case the burns are severe to the extent that you cannot write a report, you may hire a burn injury lawyer to file the report that will be used for the compensation claims of the work burns.

How to go About the Claims

The claimant must submit an application form for workplace burn compensation to the related injuries board for assessment. Also, one should attach a medical report showing details of the burns and relevant receipts related to the burn accident. Sometimes you will be required to go for medical examinations, which shows the extent of the burns. Thus, the injury board can determine the amount you should be compensated.

If you contributed to the burns during work, you may not be compensated for the whole claim. In most cases, you will be authorized to forward the matter to a court. With the help of an experienced burn injury attorney, legal action will be provided. Moreover, you may avoid long procedures and negotiate directly with the insurance providers for fair compensation.

Claiming procedures for burn injuries at the workplace are challenging and time-consuming. It is better to stay safe and avoid any activities that could put you at the risk of such accidents. However, in the case of such mishaps, ensure you follow all relevant procedures or hire a proficient burn injury attorney.

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