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Aug 11, 2014

Type the phrase “Los Angeles personal injury lawyer” into your Google search bar and you’ll discover hundreds of attorneys all chomping at the bit to take your case and promise you the moon and stars. However, no two personal injury lawyers are the same, and choosing the wrong one for your case or your tastes could end in disaster. You need to find the perfect lawyer, someone who understands how to effectively present the facts of your case and someone who is adept at communicating to you the real truth of how things in the courtroom will play out.

West Coast Trial Lawyers is a leading firm of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers with a proven track record of success and efficiency. Our job is protecting our clients and here are some things to keep in mind while searching:

Experience Level

You’ll want to work with an attorney who has experience in the specific area of law you need addressed. If personal injury is the root of your case, look for personal injury lawyers who have been consistently successful in the courtroom. It’s also advisable to take a look at whether the bulk of the lawyer’s personal injury work focuses on defendants or plaintiffs — a lawyer who works mostly with plaintiffs will be closer to your mindset.


It’s important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer and his or her involvement in your case. Ask if the attorney will be handling the case himself or giving it to a different member of the firm. If the case is being handed off, meet with the attorney who will be working the case to get an idea of whether that individual is the right fit. It is vital that you know your attorney and feel confident in his ability to get the job done.


All lawyers have their own style of speaking and working. It’s best to work with a lawyer who communicates in a way that is professional and matches your personal preferences. If you have trouble following your lawyer or understanding points he is trying to communicate you may end up frustrated by the entire process. Instead, take the time to find a personal injury attorney who can identify with your feelings and make you feel at ease.

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