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Assault and Battery

Dec 29, 2014

A person harmed by the acts of another person can recover damages for his or her injuries. While auto accidents are the most common source of this type of litigation, West Coast Trial Lawyers has extensive experience with many other types of case. For example, did you know that injuries resulting from an assault and/or battery are compensable?

In tort law, “assault” refers to an intentional act of threat or violence against another person. On the other hand, “battery” is defined as an intentional, non-consensual, physical contact with another person. This means the victim did not want or agree to the physical contact. If you’ve been the victim of an assault and/or battery, your assailant can be held responsible for your medical costs and more.

Civil vs. Criminal

There are two types of assault and battery cases: civil and criminal. In a civil assault and/or battery case, the victim is entitled to a wide range of damages covering medical bills, lost wages, expenses, and pain and suffering. In contrast, a criminal assault and/or battery charge may result in jail time for the assailant in addition to paying restitution, which normally involves covering medical expenses and more. If you have any questions about how these apply to your case, talk to a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles immediately.

A victim of an assault and/or battery should remember the following:

  • If possible, take pictures to document the injury as soon as possible. Also, take pictures of the healing process, as well as any resulting scars.
  • If possible, collect contact information from anyone who witnessed the attack.
  • File a police report against the assailant.
  • Keep detailed medical records. Track every single expenditure related to the attack, from the emergency room bill to the gauze you buy at the store.
  • Contact an attorney immediately. The faster you act, the easier it is to resolve the case.

Dealing with an assault and/or battery case is a tough process and the help of a reputable and experienced trial lawyer is essential. For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys, please visit or contact us at (888) 888-9285.

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