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After the Accident

Jun 25, 2014

The seconds and minutes immediately following a car accident are among the most critical, but also the most stressful. What you do and say in the presence of those involved in the accident and the police will have dramatic repercussions in the courtroom and beyond. While it may seem necessary for you to talk to the other people affected by the accident and to give a statement to the police, it is highly advised that you avoid talking to anyone immediately after a car accident and instead speak directly to an attorney.

There are some things that are mandatory, of course. Providing your insurance information to the other party or parties involved in the accident as well as to the police. Your driver’s license may also be requested. Outside of this basic information, do not offer any details as to what caused the crash or who was at fault. This applies whether or not you caused the accident; if the police are looking for traffic violations, not for who caused the accident. A police officer’s determination at an accident scene is not a verdict and can be challenged in court, but arguing it in the street won’t get you far. Politely offering only the necessary information helps ensure the things you say do not end up working against you.

You should also avoid talking to an insurance adjuster after an accident. Adjusters are in place to help the insurance company — not to help you. It’s very easy for an adjuster to take things you say out of context or to present them in a twisted way that enables the insurance company to wriggle out of its responsibility. Instead, your first contact after an accident should be to a reputable Los Angeles trial lawyer with experience in dealing with traffic accident cases.One who can look at the facts of the case and advise you on how to move forward to ensure the best outcome.

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