Private mediation has become an affordable and effective method of resolving stressful and time consuming legal actions.  Mediation is not for everyone, and your personal injury attorney at West Coast Trial Lawyers will always give you their best legal advice.   When parties who are involved in a dispute wish to find a mutually satisfactory outcome without the court’s involvement, they choose a trained neutral party (mediator).  The mediator’s job is to remain impartial and help the parties bridge their differences and come to an agreement.  Both parties may speak to the mediator in private and both parties may speak to each other without worrying about saying something wrong.  Nothing said during mediation can be used later in court.     The goal is to reach a compromise on both sides and accept each other’s terms. Our main objective is to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with the outcome of each and every case, and we won’t stop until we deliver, even if it’s through mediation.  Having a personal injury attorney from West Coast Trial Lawyers during your mediation greatly increases your chances of a more fortunate outcome.